Layer 7: User Experiences

The user experience of COMEARTH shall be different for its key stakeholders, the Citizens, and the visitors.

Visitors of COMEARTH shall be able to delve into an immersive world that allows them to feel and interact with the most luxurious products from across the globe and engage with brands and creators from the comforts of their homes. COMEARTH aims to be a fairyland where visitors can find products and experiences they love while enjoying every moment they spend in the exciting environment.

Citizens of COMEARTH would be able to harness all streams of realized or potential income. They shall have the ability to:

  • Create experiences: Citizens can customize their land on COMEARTH to power the wildest experiences for their visitors.

  • Sell Digital Assets: Citizens shall be able to sell digital assets on their land. Customers would be able to utilize such assets across various interoperable Metaverses.

  • Sell Phygital Assets: Citizens shall also be able to integrate logistics partners and utilize COMEARTH's 2D-to-3D Converter to sell physical goods from within the Metaverse.

  • Generate relevant leads: Citizens can engage their visitors in tons of meaningful ways, allowing them to generate leads for high-ticket items like automobiles, real estate, etc.

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