Citizens (Land Owners)

Citizens of COMEARTH can broadly be divided into 2 categories:

  • Community

  • Brands & Creators

These together form the core community of COMEARTH that shall play an integral role in the ideation, creation, and governance of the Metaverse. The larger COMEARTH community shall be comprised of its Citizens and visitors and shall enable the representation of all stakeholders of the Metaverse.

The community's idea and purpose shall be to create and foster an environment where brands, creators, and individuals can learn, grow, and collaborate to create amazing things in a multitude of domains while utilizing the freedom and flexibility of the Metaverse.

Key pillars of the COMEARTH community:

  1. Learn: Metaverse is in its early stages, and there are millions of people who wish to dive into this universe but lack the proper knowledge and resources to participate. COMEARTH platform will offer various learning opportunities to help anyone upskill on web 3.0. Activities like virtual learning centers, weekly webinars, Web3 courses, and others shall be conducted regularly.

  2. Grow: COMEARTH community believes in collaborative growth. Enabling individuals and institutions to successfully step into web3 and Metaverse and derive value from it shall be a core focus.

  3. Collaborate: We aim to create the most robust network of creators, collectors, brands, celebrities, and Web3 enthusiasts. The self-sustaining community shall network and create/collaborate for exciting projects in the Metaverse.

The community shall work on multiple facets to foster the aforementioned principles, which include:

  • Opportunities to learn about the Metaverse

  • Opportunities to get free access to Virtual events on COMEARTH

  • Opportunities to buy land at special prices

  • Building Metaventures on COMEARTH

  • Giveaways from multiple brands on virtual stores.

  • Exciting play-to-win contest

  • Social clubs and physical meetups in metro cities worldwide.

  • Special access to Merchandise and memberships

  • Startup Accelerator for WEB3 startups on COMEARTH

  • Social service stations and programs

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