COMEARTH Revenue & Its Distribution

Key Revenue Streams of COMEARTH

COMEARTH will be generating continuous revenue through the following four major sources

Metaverse Platform Fees

COMEARTH shall levy a platform fee of 5% on all transactions happening in the COMEARTH Metaverse. In the long run, this shall be the largest source of COMEARTH's income and shall help empower and maintain an amazing Metaverse.

Assets and App Store Sales

As stated, COMEARTH shall be the base on which an ecosystem of global innovation shall create a plethora of assets and applications. The COMEARTH Marketplace shall enable the sale and trade of assets and apps that can be utilized by brands, creators, and users. COMEARTH Revenue Pool shall receive 5% of all transactions that happen on these Marketplaces, governed by smart contracts on the Polygon Blockchain.

Lead Generation Fees

High-ticket Sales like those of real estate, automobiles, etc are not going fully virtual anytime soon. However, the traditional sales pipeline can be transformed and reduced tremendously via realistic simulations explored in the COMEARTH Metaverse. Users can test-drive cars on race tracks and mountainous terrains, or visit their future home and see how it can be customized to their vision. COMEARTH shall receive a fixed fee for all such leads generated, the amount of which shall depend on the industry and price of the asset in question. The exact details around these shall be released with further updates from the COMEARTH team.

Royalties on secondary land sale

COMEARTH shall receive a royalty of 5% on every sale of its land NFTs on secondary markets. This shall be processed in the form of on-chain royalties governed by smart contracts.

Revenue Distribution of COMEARTH

Income generated by the COMEARTH Metaverse, as detailed above, shall be utilized towards rewarding its loyal stakeholders and ensuring the continued success of COMEARTH as the de-facto E-Commerce Metaverse in the future.

The key COMEARTH team shall focus on 3 key pillars to ensure success - bringing new users, rewarding existing users, and providing the best technical, virtual, and logistical experience possible.

Therefore, the generated COMEARTH revenue shall be used for:


Development and Maintenance

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