Industries in COMEARTH

COMEARTH shall revolutionize the operations of a plethora of industries. While virtually every sector could utilize the Metaverse, we believe that the following industries have the potential to add tremendous value while using COMEARTH's infrastructure:


Covid has shown the world the power of digital education while simultaneously highlighting its shortcomings. The Metaverse shall bring the mannerisms and connectedness of real life to a digital realm where students from across the globe can get live education from the best experts in the world.

Real Estate

Though Metaverse is a digital phenomenon, the land in these virtual worlds is a scarce resource to ensure technical feasibility and economic sustainability. Real Estate players can build on ComEarthCOMEARTH's land to create avenues that enable millions of brands and creators to become a part of this planet.


Fashion E-Commerce suffers from massive return rates and a wanting customer experience. ThisHumans is because humans love to understand the exact feel, fit, and look of a garment before they buy them and are often unsatisfied with their 2D substitutes of E-Commerce platforms . . COMEARTH shall enable fashion brands to allow customers to try garments on an avatar that looks exactly like them, allowing them to access an unlimited range of clothes in the way they love to.

Cosmetics and Jewelry

Akin to fashion, cosmetics and jewelry are intimate purchases that require the look and feel that only the real world or its realistic representation can provide. Users can utilize avatars that resemble them to accurately assess how cosmetics and jewelry shall look and feel on them. COMEARTH shall also enable brands to easily create 3D Metaverse Compatible versions of their jewelry using a few images.


Automobiles are an experience, and their purchase often marks a milestone in their owner's life. To allow users to simulate the breadth of experience an automotive can offer - from highways to hills to offroad adventures - automobile manufacturers can utilize COMEARTH to provide real experience from the comfort of one's homes. Leads generated thus can be easily integrated with existing Web2 CRM and Marketing tools.


People love to get personalized attention and advice when it comes to managing their life's wealth. The Metaverse shall enable FinTech companies to provide the personalization and human touch of traditional banks while seamlessly utilizing the power of technology that forms the crux of their business. COMEARTH shall drive the next wave of users to FinTech apps, as the abstraction of financial services behind app screens withers away with the rise of the Metaverse.

Live Events

Concerts are no strangers to the Metaverse, with the likes of Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Travis Scott having performed in front of an audience of millions within the Metaverse. As the technology is adopted further and increases in terms of sophistication, scale, and end-user experience, a plethora of localized events shall now have the opportunity to turn global in an instant. This shall also allow a global user base to attend the world's best experiences from the comfort of their homes.

Arts & Music

COMEARTH shall allow the global heritage to persevere in, and be immortalized via the Metaverse. Museums and galleries around the world shall have the opportunity to open their galleries in COMEARTH, which shall allow their timeless masterpieces to reach global audiences while enabling an arena for the art of the future to be represented in the Metaverse.​

Retail Good

Consumer brands shall have the power to add experiences to their products, ensuring that their customers can engage with their brand in a fun and memorable ways. COMEARTH can be used to increase the stake and participation of loyal users in the workings and products of a brand, thereby cultivating a devoted set of advocates that in turn bring more like-minded people to their products.​


A key issue with online electronics e-commerce is the human inability to properly estimate sizes. We often fail to estimate how big a room a 4-meter expansive room would be, how large a 6.5" phone would be in our hands, and so on. Electronics play an integral role in our everyday lives, and the ability to experience gadgets can never be matched without VR. COMEARTH shall be a one-stop where a global range of electronics can be found at the best prices worldwide.

Mobile Apps

Applications ranging from social media, e-commerce, dating, reselling - anything that requires human interaction and engagement can be ported into the Metaverse to add an experiential layer on top of it

Corporate & Co-Work Spaces

Businesses can enable their employees to collaborate from various corners of the globe.​

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