Key Features

COMEARTH is a Metaverse with a purpose. While the COMEARTH team shall focus on bringing the best Metaverse experience to its users, we also aim to empower Citizens of COMEARTH with a comprehensive set of features specifically catered to enhancing the experience of conducting E-Commerce in the Metaverse. These features shall enable everyone, from solopreneurs, creators, and celebrities to small, medium, and large enterprises, to use and derive value from COMEARTH.

A Highlight of Key Features to come:

Gas-less Minting

Gas fees have been known to rise with time and are likely to keep doing so. COMEARTH shields its users from the burden of gas fees, allowing users to let their creativity flow freely without the threat of incurring massive expenses hanging over their heads.

Custom Analytics & Tracking

Analytics and reporting are pivotal in the new age of operating a business with a community-focused strategy. Brands and stores will have access to detailed engagement reports to track the most critical metrics:


Learn how people find your store and discover ways to grow your audience


Analyze payments on your store and look for new ways to boost sales


Improve your community reach and engagement by understanding more about your visitors, members, and customers

Multiuser Authorization & management

Brands and creators deploy dedicated teams to handle channels like COMEARTH. The COMEARTH team understands this need, which is why it is the sole Metaverse that allows entities to add multiple team members, with customizable permissions depending on the role of the added member.

Automation through Zapier, IFTTT, etc

Infrastructure within COMEARTH can also integrate with Web2.0 automation software, enabling Citizens to automate workflows in conjunction with millions of apps and COMEARTH.

Logistics partner integration

COMEARTH shall integrate with regional logistics partners across the globe to enable Citizens to directly ship physical goods purchased from within their Metaverse stores.

Fiat-on-ramp Support

We aim to enable a smooth transition for the masses of the Web2.0 crowd. To this extent, we shall enable Fiat-On-Ramp support to work with external service providers to ensure that users are able to utilize contemporary modes of payments like debit & credit cards to carry out transactions in the COMEARTH Metaverse.

Advanced engagement and revenue reports

Reporting and dashboards shall be automated within COMEARTH and easily viewable by its Citizens or their members (in cases where the Citizen is an organization). This shall allow them to harness insights while working to improve the engagements they conduct with their end-users.

Cross/Up-Sell through other stores in COMEARTH

COMEARTH will help connect the right consumers and brands by enabling cross-land collaborations to enable sales, leads, engagements, etc between different Citizens in its ecosystem.

NFT based ticketing

Access to goods, services, events, and content can be restricted by utilizing NFTs as proof of ownership of a given asset. This allows Citizens to create various paradigms that enhance their relationship with their new and existing customer base.

Multilingual Support

More than 60% of people globally love interacting with platforms and content in their native language. COMEARTH shall power the creation of a multi-regional world that provides a localized narrative, enabling folks from all corners to feel right at home in this new-age ecosystem.

Geo-block & Country Restrictions

Restrict access to land, assets, events, or any token based on the geography of the end user. Brands can utilize this to control the flow of their goods across the globe.

Gate Access To Your Land & Content

Use NFT Gated & Non-NFT to gated access to valuable things, be it access, money, fame, or anything else. Restrict how & when users can access your land, and create an aura of exclusivity around important drops.

Fiat Integration

Extensive support for transactions in fiat currencies by utlizing 3rd party service providers around the globe. Some of the major brands we use to power these facilities for our end users are Stripe, Paypal, Braintree, 2Checkout, Razorpay, and others.

Auctions and other sale strategies

Choose from between Fixed Price Sale, English & Dutch Auctions, and allow users to bid on your NFTs of their own accord. Based on the asset or service in question, utilize the right mode to drive value and scarcity to objects on sale.

Integrate Custom ERC20 tokens

Use custom ERC-20 Token for transactions within your land, enabling your loyal users and community to engage with their choice of ERC Tokens

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