The Stakeholders

The Importance

COMEARTH shall be a world that is fair, rewarding, and fun. To help create such a world, the COMEARTH team believes shall actively involve all stakeholders - this is why the workings and future of COMEARTH shall be designed keeping in mind the interests of all stakeholders, and in the long term be governed through the COMEARTH DAO (more on that later).

This ensures that the success of COMEARTH is intertwined with the success of all its stakeholders, and in turn incentivizes stakeholders to engage with and promote the Metaverse, thus creating a virtuous cycle.

Who are they?

While COMEARTH as a Metaverse shall see people from all walks participate, its stakeholders can be classified into 6 major groups:

  1. Users/Visitors

  2. Citizens (Land Owners)

  3. Brands & Creators

  4. Advertisers

  5. Apps & Assets Publishers

  6. NFTICALLY (Creator of COMEARTH)

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