Transport Network

Transportation Network

All the parcels have connectivity to the roads in the continent from at least one side and are not land-locked. Primary Roads will be 90m wide, Secondary Roads will be 60m and Tertiary Roads will be 30m in width. The primary network aims to connect the continents' major landmarks and provide easy transportation throughout. The secondary network bridges the gap between Primary and Tertiary roads and further spreads in a manner to cater to Community areas, Parcels, Public spaces, and Topographical features of the continent. Further, the purpose of micro interconnectivity is achieved by Tertiary transportation networks through which Citizens have access to their respective land parcels. Teleportation Tunnels are also present which assists hop-on-hop-off to public spaces within the continent; some might surprise the citizens by taking them to a different continent together!

Primary Roads in COMEARTH shall be 90 meters in width, secondary roads shall be 60 meters in width, and tertiary roads will be 30 meters in width.


Parcels with no transportation network connected shall leave a setback of 5M on all sides. Combined parcels shall form a new combined boundary of the land and shall leave a setback of 5M on all sides hence formed.

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