Engage-To-Earn Rewards

COMEARTH shall utilize 40% of the entire revenue generated by the platform to foster engagement and interactions on its platform. This commitment underlines our emphasis on bringing on the next billion users to our platform.

Why Engage-To-Earn?

Networks are the key to winning the Metaverse race. Successful networks align incentives for both creators and users to create a virtuous cycle that becomes unstoppable after reaching a critical mass.

The COMEARTH team shall incentivize stakeholders to ensure that the COMEARTH planet reaches the required critical mass at the earliest, and is able to cement its position as the pioneer in Metaverse E-Commerce globally, and as the de-facto Metaverse for E-Commerce in the future.

All meaningful actions in COMEARTH shall be rewarded. The Metaverse is a new reality, and even though it has existed in various forms via games, a majority of the global population remains unexposed to its workings. Therefore, COMEARTH shall gamify and incentivize the exploration of this paradigm, enabling people to get rewarded while familiarizing themselves with the planet, and in turn, helping us onboard the first billion users to COMEARTH over the course of the next decade.

Key Engagements Rewarded

Transactions of goods and services

As the tenet of COMEARTH, empowering a global infrastructure for E-Commerce lies at the forefront of its priorities. Familiarizing users with its workings, and getting used to and assured of shopping in the Metaverse is going to enable organic growth for COMEARTH

Creating goods, services, assets, or apps

There are various avenues to add value to COMEARTH, and the COMEARTH team shall utilize comprehensive frameworks to ensure all of them are duly rewarded for the value they contribute. However, a key focus of COMEARTH is to enable the growth of a bustling ecosystem. To solve the chicken-and-egg problem that nascent ecosystems face, COMEARTH shall incentivize the global community to build for and on top of the COMEARTH Platform, adding value that grows multifold as the number of users on the platform increase.

The Right Interactions

The Metaverse is about increasing the enjoyment of our everyday experiences. COMEARTH aims to enable a new way of spending time in the digital world - of transforming one's interactions with strangers on the road, with the brands we love, the place we work, and with our friends and family. Therefore, meaningful interactions between Avatars of all stakeholders shall be heavily promoted in COMEARTH, making it fun as well as rewarding for people to learn about this new ecosystem.

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