Brands & Creators

COMEARTH is designed in a way to empower brands and creators to discover folks who do/would love their brand, engage meaningfully with them and create amazing experiences for them.

The Web3.0 ecosystem is just as new and unexplored for Web2 creators as it is for the large masses across the world. Therefore, a key focus of COMEARTH shall be to lower the entry barrier for creators. Along with this, we aim to work continuously towards empowering these individuals and brands with the right set of tools to improve their performance and their customer experiences.

The platform offers an intuitive and easy way to create a seamless end-user experience. We have an aggressive approach to providing the best features that solve the biggest pain points brands & creators can potentially face.

Brands will have an option to offer ‘Phygital’ assets to their customers. Customers can buy these NFTs to receive the digital asset in their account wallet and get the physical product delivered to their doorstep. COMEARTH is partnering with a network of logistics companies globally to create a seamless experience for the end-user.

The urban planning of the COMEARTH landscape will facilitate the formation of clusters of stores that offer complementary products and services. The customers will be able to discover their favorite products & events in one place.

COMEARTH Community will allow brands and creators to develop relationships that drive further revenue. An experience center serves as a place for brand advocates to build bonds and share experiences. Business owners and creators can offer their brand advocates a place to hang out, to talk about their experiences with the products and services.

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