Commerce is the backbone of an economy. Thus, every society needs a market.

We've seen the evolution of commerce and markets over thousands of years, from its humble beginnings in the barter system to sophisticated systems and processes that govern the global economy. When the world is such that an average person chooses to spend all or large parts of their digital time in the Metaverse, a day not far from now, there will be a strong need for users to be able to utilize all the technological and infrastructural innovations brought about by the Metaverse.

The Trajectory of Commerce

Modern commerce traces its roots back to ancient Mesopotamia, where three significant inventions - writing, accounting, and numeracy - served to help the nation-state maintain its innumerable records of transactions. In many ways, these written and verified transactions laid the foundation for organizing complex societies that we’re familiar with today. In today's hyper-connected, globalized socio-economic societies, the internet catalyzed the emergence of mobile, social, ultra-fast communication networks that promise to serve us well for decades to come.

This acceleration towards perpetual interconnectivity with the interwebs is expected to reach its pinnacle in the coming decade, brought to life by rapid developments in global communications infrastructure and hardware technologies that enable human interfaces.

Commerce - The Present & Future

Amazon.com and its global counterparts have introduced the world to a mode of shopping that was previously unseen. In doing so, they started a race towards providing customers with shopping experiences they'd love, at the best prices in the fastest timeframe.

The next biggest trend in global e-commerce is social commerce. We've witnessed a significant rise in these channels, particularly in regions like China where massive platforms sell billions of dollars of goods through influencers (TODO: find out names and figures). Shopping is largely a social activity and often doubles up as a bonding activity between friends and family. This has also led to major global e-commerce platforms introducing a plethora of features that help us shop easily with our loved ones.

The above trends chart a clear path for the future, birth of a new way of purchasing goods, E-Commerce 3.0. People used to see shopping as a way to fulfill necessities. But with the rise of disposable income and decreasing leisure time, it also serves as an avenue to get quality leisure time in a comforting environment to spend with their friends & family. As Metaverse enables things that were unimaginable earlier, e-commerce is expected to undergo tremendous developments in the coming years.

The Potential

COMEARTH shall be the Amazon.com of the future in web3 space - It shall be the one place people around the world gather whenever they want to engage with brands and creators. The COMEARTH team shall utilize the power and flexibility provided by the Metaverse and combine it with the security and transparency of Blockchains to create a world that shall power sustainable global e-commerce in the coming decades.

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