Citizen Income Streams

COMEARTH's Focus on Citizen Income

COMEARTH is spearheading a change in global E-Commerce, and the love, loyalty, and support of its community of Citizens shall play a significant role in ensuring the success of its vision.

Therefore, COMEARTH shall provide them with a diverse set of opportunities to monetize their ownership of COMEARTH real estate. Furthermore, Citizens shall also be rewarded for their continued engagement with the platform.

Sources of income for Citizens

Using Land Area

COMEARTH users can create their own Metaverse within COMEARTH - A world that is customized to the experience they wish to create. Citizens can sell land both with or without existing structures on it, allowing them to benefit from their creativity and hard work in creating new environments.

Create Events & Experiences

Citizens have complete control over who enters which areas of their Metaverse. Therefore, brands and creators can do anything from hosting small, intimate events to hosting multi-hall concerts on their COMEARTH land, the access to all of which can be restricted and verified via NFTs. These can also be combined with phygital use cases to allow brands and creators to holistically connect with their customers.

Selling Goods & Services

Citizens can sell products and services on their land. Anyone that wishes to engage in E-Commerce on the COMEARTH planet shall mandatorily need access to land NFTs. This can be achieved via a variety of modes as the platform evolves, and more information shall be revealed with further updates.

Diamond-Hand Rewards

COMEARTH values the continued trust and participation of its stakeholders. Therefore, the payout mechanism of COMEARTh shall be designed in a way that rewards people for continuously holding land NFTs, proportional to the length of time a particular NFT was held for.

Referral Incentives

An organic approach to growth creates the best impression and is most sustainable for the long term. Therefore, COMEARTH shall promote referrals as a key pillar of its user and brand acquisition. On referring a new stakeholder to COMEARTH, the existing user shall get 5% of the value of the cost of land purchased by the referred user.

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