Executive Summary

The executive summary of the COMEARTH whitepaper.

Commerce has existed on this planet ever since humanity took its first step towards a functioning societal structure. Since then, it has evolved to the point where modern e-commerce powers lightning-fast deliveries for a vast array of products perpetually available at the tip of our fingers.

While this has empowered significant consumer facilitation, Web2 commerce remains plagued by critical issues. Commerce has always been a heavily sensorial activity for humans. We love to tinker and try products before we commit to them - this core aspect of human experience is completely missing from contemporary e-commerce platforms. The aggregator platforms that power modern e-commerce, like Amazon.com, are opaque and yield unworldly power, often misused in their favor. This leads to situations that are directly against the interests of brands and users on their platforms. Lack of transparency in supply chains and penalization of unsustainable activities means that severe effects of global warming, forced labor, and humongous amounts of garbage have become commonplace. The amalgamation of web3.0 and the Metaverse presents a unique opportunity to solve commerce fully; To create a one-stop destination that powers commerce in the future, the birth of E-commerce 3.0 ecosystem.

An E-Commerce Metaverse Ecosystem

We, the NFTICALLY team, propose the world's first E-Commerce Metaverse Ecosystem ("EME") - COMEARTH which will deliver the experience of new age E-Commerce 3.0. This shall be the platform where the bustling breadth and depth of global consumer commerce takes place - The place where brands and creators can engage meaningfully with their customers and where customers can discover their favourite products amongst a worldwide range. Commerce in this 3D immersive virtual environment shall be powered by NFTICALLY's Web3.0 E-Commerce Engine while utilizing the trust & decentralization of the Polygon Blockchain. COMEARTH shall be a truly global Metaverse allowing businesses to create memorable experiences, sell digital & phygital products, and drive meaningful engagement to generate new leads.

COMEARTH will be the first of its kind E-Commerce 3.0 ecosystem, bringing about disruption in the industry and completely changing the way Brands and customers are interacting. Having first mover advantage in this nascent yet highly potential market, it will be providing brands a way to capture major chunk of the market with its new ideas & experiences that focus on customer engagement, satisfaction & retention through gamification.


COMEARTH is a virtual planet with eight different continents divided into distinct zones, sectors, and areas that cater to a myriad of businesses (small, medium, or large). Land in this Metaverse shall be purchasable by brands, corporations or individuals as NFTs governed by the smart contracts deployed on top of Polygon Blockchain. The entities that own these land parcels (aka NFTs), called "Citizens" of COMEARTH, can build 3D immersive e-commerce experiences - think of it as a brand/creator's own Mini-Metaverse - accessible by mobile, laptops, and VR devices. COMEARTH shall empower everyone to start their Metaverse venture in a matter of minutes through comprehensive DIY tools. The Citizens shall also derive meaningful insights about the traffic their land receives while ensuring that the data, privacy, and anonymity of a user remain secure. The Citizens will also be able to monetize their own traffic in their own ways through various options available on COMEARTH.

The COMEARTH team firmly believes that access to Metaverse e-commerce should not be the privilege of the rich & mighty; We aim to build a platform that empowers regular individuals to create experiences that match the best.

Land & Commerce

Land parcels of various sizes shall be made available for purchase in multiple stages. The aim of perpetual ownership of the land through smart contracts in COMEARTH is to enable brands and creators to create fun and engaging experiences that let them reach out to newer eyes and turn existing customers into beloved loyalists. And also, sell & trade land parcels as per their needs.

To help evolve and maintain this vision, COMEARTH shall charge a 5% commission on transactions happening in the COMEARTH Marketplace.

Future Outlook:

"You can't wait for customers to come to you. You have to figure out where they are, go there and bring them back to your store."

- Paul Graham, Y-Combinator

The above quote by Paul Graham of Y-Combinator summarises why we are launching COMEARTH. Metaverse shall become commonplace in the future, just like smartphones have today, and it is inevitable for commerce to transition into this new realm. E-Commerce 3.0 is the solution to all the difficulties being faced by Brands and customers with the current existing platforms like Amazon. The industry is evolving and transforming at an exponential rate. Therefore, just like companies and creators today can't afford to not be on the internet, a few years from now, a store in the Metaverse would be quintessential for a brand's existence. The COMEARTH team aims to make that quick, easy, and affordable for everyone to benefit from this paradigm shift while righting the wrongs of contemporary E-Commerce.

To know more about COMEARTH, our goals, and our plans, please read the whitepaper.

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