Policies & Governance

COMEARTH shall utilize AI agents to detect nefarious activities within the planet. Once found, the AI shall affix a severity level to these actions. Bad actors shall be penalized for their actions with penalties ranging from monetary fines to restriction of access & services to even permanent bans. In case of any disputes, the matter shall be addressed by a review committee, whose members get elected by the DAO. While the COMEARTH team can't guarantee a complete absence of all things wrong, we shall strive to keep COMEARTH as close to ideal as possible by collaborating closely with all stakeholders and fostering a transparent environment.
COMEARTH shall not tolerate the sale of expression of:
  • Weapons and Explosives
  • Derogatory Personal, Political, and Religious Content
  • Counterfeit Goods
  • Body Parts, Organ Trading
  • Illicit Drugs Trading
  • Fake Followers Services
  • Hacking and Surveillance
  • Illegal Automobile Modification Products
  • Recreational Drugs
  • Spyware and Malware
  • Hate Symbols
  • Pornography
  • Human Trading
  • Prostitution
The above list is not a comprehensive as of May 2022.