Our Values

COMEARTH shall foster and protect core values that can enable frameworks to ensure that unbridled greed doesn't end up causing further irreparable damage to the world and its future. The COMEARTH team believes in the following tenets and hopes to attract and work with a community that shares its values and visions for a sustainable future.


COMEARTH shall incentivize brands and creators to engage in sustainable commerce. We shall work with external agencies/services to bring trustworthy visibility to the degree to which sustainability brands/creators adhere. Along with this, entities that violate such practices continuously and increasingly harm the world around us shall be penalized to the point of eviction.

Privacy of Users

In a world where user privacy has taken a backseat, the COMEARTH team envisions a future where users can discover their favorite products without violating their data and privacy. The COMEARTH team shall empower brands and creators to reach out to their future loyalists while ensuring that the security of COMEARTH users is never compromised.

Transparency in Governance

One word: DAO. All significant decisions, including penalization, special requests, and the direction of COMEARTH in general shall be decided via the COMEARTH DAO that shall reign supreme power over the unfolding of this e-commerce Metaverse. The Citizens of the COMEARTH will be able to vote in the DAO using their land parcel as governance tokens which will have the voting weightage as per land parcel size (number of units).

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