Horus is the 3rd largest continent on the planet COMEARTH and covers 51,47,95,513 SQM area. Continent Horus consists of various public nodes strategically placed over the continent which act as focal points and promote organic growth around. Horus is rich in topographical features like lakes, mountains, beaches, and forests which provide a valuable neighborhood to the citizens. It consists of 30,732 Lands of varying sizes with the majority being 1x1s.

Design Moves

A Blend of Hexagonal and Rectangular geometry

Urban planning utilizes the Hexagonal network in the central space emphasizing a few of the important public spaces and highlighting the presence of all topographical features in one place. The network further blends into the rectangular geometry reaching to the edges of the continent and making connections with the parcels all around.

Transportation Network

18% of the total land area is dedicated to the primary, secondary and tertiary roads along with teleportation tunnels. Primary Network spreads over Horus uniformly and provides access to major landmarks connecting the whole continent. Secondary and tertiary spreads further and provide accessibility to all parcels and public spaces.

Topographical Features

35% of the total land area is dedicated to Topographical Features like Lakes, Beaches, Mountains, Forests, and Waterfalls that are organically spread all over the continent which enhances the beauty of the continent and also provides a valuable neighborhood for the COMEARTH Citizens.

Continent Area Distribution

17% of the total area in the continent is occupied by parcels that are saleable. The Remaining 83% of the area is used to enhance the experience of citizens by adding topographical features(35%), NFTICALLY land(8%) in order to provide citizens with common public utilities, Public Greens(22%) for other recreational purposes and also creating common community spaces within smaller clusters and Transportation Network(18%) providing accessibility to all the parcels.

Central Planning

The central space of the continent designed using hexagonal geometry holds almost all the special features over the continents having immediate connectivity to the NFTICALLY headquarters surrounded by water bodies all over.

Exclusive Horus Areas

There are 5 islands in the Horus continent that have exclusive access consisting of a very limited number of parcels making it a huge opportunity for buyers to own a complete island if all the parcels are owned. The Tail of the Horus continent is also designed very deep into the forest high on the mountains having a very special location in the continent with exclusive access.

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