The Team

Toshendra Sharma- Founder and CEO (Twitter, LinkedIn)

Toshendra Sharma is the Founder & CEO at NFTICALLY. An IIT Bombay Computer Science graduate with 13 years of experience as a tech entrepreneur. Toshendra founded Blockchain Council in 2016 and serves as its Director. With his creations like RecordsKeeper, NFTICALLY & Blockchain Council, Toshendra is a known face in the Blockchain Industry. His company NFTICALLY is currently serving 30+ enterprise clients worldwide and helping them sell NFTs through their own Whitelabel NFT Marketplace. He has also been a Forbes Asia & India 30 Under 30.

Rohendra Singh- Founder and CTO

A Programmer, Architect, Problem Solver, and DevOps Expert with 12 years of experience in developing large-scale software products, Rohendra Singh is the Cheif Technology Officer (CTO) and founder of NFTICALLY. Singh has developed more than 7 feature-rich, highly scalable, and secure SaaS applications around Blockchain and Education. He is an early adopter of Blockchain technology with expertise in Blockchain application development. Experienced in leading large-size tech teams. Singh is equally good at architecting scalable and reliable centralized/decentralized applications from scratch and now is the core technological supervisor behind COMEARTH’s project.

Kaustubh Sharma - AVP Product and Strategy

Kaustubh Sharma is the Associate Vice President (AVP) Product and Strategy at NFTICALLY. Sharma has an extensive background and experience in leading, managing, and mentoring teams of product managers, and developers, and strategizing real-time implementable organizational solutions at scale. His responsibility at NFTICALLY and for COMEARTH includes catapulting and engaging brands & celebrities in the NFT ecosystem. He will foresee product development sprints and enhancement opportunities for COMEARTH and will also strategize novel ideas, solutions, and products to streamline a sustained growth environment for the project.

Aditya Chawla - Marketing Lead

A respected NFT artist & web 3.0 enthusiast, Aditya Chawla is the Marketing Lead at NFTICALLY. After 5 years of rich experience in consulting, analytics and banking, Chawla is now solely into the spaces of Blockchain & Web 3.0 with a focus on NFTs and Metaverse.

Ashok Balasubramanian - AVP Business Development

Ashok Balasubramanian is the AVP of Business Development at NFTICALLY. He is a believer in transformative approaches who thrives at the intersection of Strategy & Execution. Balasubramanium has a global working experience with assignments in the US, Europe, Asia & Indian markets. He also has a proven and prospective track record of building businesses from scratch, setting up the organization's vision & mission, and leading teams to drive revenue during challenging times with his breakthrough sales acumen and skills, thereby driving growth for the organization. Ashok was also a national badminton player and represented India in Youth Olympics.

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