Layer 4: Internal & External Integrations

COMEARTH is an e-commerce ecosystem, and its ability to easily power both internal and external integrations shall play a key role in reifying this vision.

COMEARTH shall be integrable with major Web2.0 Commerce platforms to help its Citizens sell effortlessly across both Metaverse and Online Stores. Citizens shall also be able to import various photos of a product and convert them into a Metaverse friendly 3D object using COMEARTH's 2D-to-3D converter. COMEARTH shall power integrations with various everyday tools like Salesforce, Shopify, OpenKart, Magenta, WooCommerce, etc.

COMEARTH shall also host an application store - a place where users and companies from around the globe can create software applications that add value to the stakeholders of COMEARTH. This shall allow COMEARTH to tap global innovation and skills while enabling millions of individuals and businesses to engage in new sources of income.

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