COMEARTH is an Earth-like planet in that it has continents that are surrounded by water on all sides. However, the COMEARTH planet shall have eight continents and multiple central plazas. These central plazas are where users shall land when they enter the Metaverse. From here, users can use various modes of transportation, including teleportation, to travel to their destination.

The eight continents on the planet shall each house multiple similar industries. This draws a parallel from our real-world wherein similar industries often congregate together, thus benefitting the customers by letting them access a significantly wider variety of similar products.

COMEARTH shall provide instant access to every product that a consumer might need or want, ranging from fashion to electronics to art & music and a lot more. This vast diversity in the limited space would ensure that only the brands and creators that provide good value to their consumers would remain a part of the long term run. However, we will have an automated & semi-automated mechanism to ensure the sanctity of the planet through the decentralized governance to keep the bad performers, and evil entities out of the system.

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