Historical Background


The journey of COMEARTH began with the launch of NFTICALLY, a SaaS that allowed brands and creators to launch their whitelabel NFT Marketplaces within minutes. As NFTICALLY became the biggest NFT Marketplace creator globally, it provided the most comprehensive set of cutting-edge features for brands and celebrities to create their ecosystem.

NFTICALLY founded by Toshendra Sharma & Rohendra Singh started its journey in January 2021 with its launch in July 2021, NFTICALLY saw widespread global adoption. As of April 2022, it powers 7500+ stores in every corner of the world, with some of its most popular NFT Marketplaces being:

  • Official Polygon NFT Marketplace is the single source of authentic NFTs from Polygon, one of the largest blockchain networks globally.

  • SporteNFT (bringing NFTs of top global footballers from EPL clubs and more to their fans)

  • Zixel.co (the NFT Marketplace for one of South-East Asia's largest crypto exchanges with 2.5Mn+ users)

  • Bollycoin (India's most prominent entertainment NFT Marketplace)

The Birth of COMEARTH

Late 2021 saw the emergence of the Metaverse on a global stage. Once the worldwide audience got used to the paradigm, it became increasingly apparent that the Metaverse shall encompass every aspect of our society, with gaming & e-commerce expected to be at its forefront, whose amalgamation is E-Commerce 3.0. This extension of NFTICALLY's core vision of driving commerce through the Blockchain made it a logical next step for our team, who look at it as an opportunity to define commerce in the future and address all the underlying issues that plague the markets today.

COMEARTH aims to be the place where all commerce happens in the future, bringing together users, products, and brands from all parts of the world while ensuring that the tenets of sustainability, privacy, and security are always upheld.

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