Benefits of COMEARTH

We’ve evolved from our humble beginnings with the barter system to the modern financial system that powers over trillions of dollars of wealth exchanges. Yet for all its might, global e-commerce is plagued with a plethora of severe concerns, both around the platform and medium of transactions and the severe and potentially catastrophic effects these have on the world around us.

The Faults in Web2 E-Commerce


Modern websites are plagued with security issues that stem from the centralization of control and data. These have in the past resulted in severe loss of funds for both users of such platforms and brands themselves. COMEARTH keeps security as a core aim of its platform, to ensure that the trust and love of billions of people across the globe are upheld to the highest possible standards. This unbreakable security shall also enable brands to enter the Metaverse free from concerns about the protection that guards trillions of dollars of transactions.

Lack of requisite end-user experience

Our senses form the base of human experience. This means that for a plethora of products, people often lack the trust to make a purchase without visibly touching, trying, and testing them. Be it something small and every day like a spectacle or a milestone event like one’s first car, humans rely heavily on the overall sensory experience of a product, something that Web2 e-commerce pitifully fails to emulate.

Huge technical costs

E-Commerce requires advanced platforms to better its performance. If it faces disturbances in the form of software, network, or domain issue it will not be able to offer seamless transactions. COMEARTH’s utilization of Polygon as its choice of Blockchain means that the platform is virtually infinitely scalable while remaining shielded from the technical hassles that pester traditional E-Commerce entities.

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