Land Pool

The COMEARTH planet shall be divided into 7 different types of parcels of land.

The COMEARTH land is divided into 6 basic sizes. The number of parcels of each type varies and decreases in quantity as the size of the parcel increases. This distribution shall be as described in the image above.

Purchasing Multiple Land Parcels

A user is free to purchase multiple land parcels at any available location of their choice. Each parcel of land shall be sold as a separate NFT. There shall be no restrictions on the quantity and location of the NFTs purchased.

If a user purchases parcels connected by at least one edge/side/wall, the user shall be able to club the parcels into a larger single parcel. Diagonally connected parcels, i.e. parcels connected at a vertex, are ineligible for clubbing and shall be treated as distinct parcels.

Land Allocation

It is recommended for brands and creators to purchase land in an area that is dedicated to the industry most closely representing their work, as it shall help their customers discover them.

A key focus of COMEARTH is to be truly decentralized. Therefore, the 100k+ parcels shall be divided in such a way that the vast majority is under the ownership of the community. This shall ensure that no one entity has oversized influence over the functioning of COMEARTH.

The planned percentage for the ownership of Land NFTs in COMEARTH is as follows:

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