Ecosystem Tech Stack

There are a plethora of integrants that help build and institutionalize the COMEARTH platform's technical architecture.

COMEARTH utilizes a calibrated backend operating system on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud with the app frontend engendered on MERN Stack. Even before assets (physical, digital, or phygital products) are minted, they are stored in an S3 bucket.

A 7 layered congregation, consisting of polygon Blockchain (bottom layer), NFTICALLY(the web-3 e-commerce engine), Experience layer (a 3d immersive and realistic overlay facilitated via browser/VR device/Unity 3D/Unreal Engine/ThreeJS), Integration layer; Author layer (Incorporating Social Authors on web3), Payment layer (with web-2/web-3 transactional gateways analogous to Flat On-ramp & Direct Crypto Payments) and lastly a coterminous layer consisting of customer experiences, physical products, digital products and leads generation.

While we presently maintain and approbate the privacy of original works, we do anticipate the fabrication of a system in the near future that'll reduce and preemptively prevent any breach with regard to their privacy during and before minting. Once an asset is minted, the backend would publish it on IPFS, making it available to the public. The hash of an item is kept in our smart contract so that the owner can always verify ownership of the number registered on the blockchain.

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