Development & Maintenance

40% of the total COMEARTH revenue shall be utilized in the development and maintenance of the COMEARTH platforms.

There are multiple aspects to this development and maintenance, in line with those mentioned in the Fund Usage Plan. The key aspects amongst these shall be as follows:

Platform Maintenance

An immersive virtual world that is powering global commerce along and billions of global users is bound to need constant maintenance. Therefore, the COMEARTH team shall focus on maintaining all aspects of the platform experience at a high standard.

Technical Development

The next 10 years are going to see a revolutionary shift in global technical infrastructure and landscape. As pioneers in this space, COMEARTH shall provide an ever-evolving experience to its stakeholders, utilizing innovations across all layers of its Ecosystem Stack.

Marketing, Sales, and Partnerships

The vision of COMEARTH is to become an integral part of the global public psyche. To this extent, we shall position COMEARTH as the go-to platform for such experiences and devote significant resources to this.

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