COMEARTH is a Metaverse accessible by browsers, Mobile Devices, & VR and built on Polygon Blockchain that shall act as a global marketplace for goods (digital, physical, and phygital) & services (within and outside of the Metaverse) and facilitate e-commerce 3.0 for digital, physical, and phygital items.

COMEARTH shall enable global creators and brands to connect with, sell to, and create experiences for a global customer base. COMEARTH shall also allow users to seamlessly shop and attend events in the Metaverse with an intuitive, easy-to-use experience while ensuring the right discoverability of their favorite products in this global market.

Land in COMEARTH shall be sold as NFTs, and its holders shall be known as the "Citizens" of COMEARTH. These Citizens shall be rewarded for promoting the right kind of values and engagement on the planet.

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