The official whitepaper of COMEARTH Metaverse. Last updated in May 2022.
COMEARTH is the world's first E-Commerce Metaverse Ecosystem, built on top of Polygon Blockchain. The key stakeholders of the COMEARTH ecosystem are its community, brands, creators, customers, and advertisers who shall engage in 3D immersive experiences, sell/shop, hang out, and participate in a variety of events on the earth-like planet.
The aim of COMEARTH is to empower brands and creators to conduct commerce via the Metaverse while enabling buyers to discover the best global products and services in an exciting, gamified, and memorable experience.
"We firmly believe that access to Metaverse e-commerce should not be the privilege of the rich & mighty; We aim to build an inclusive ecosystem that empowers regular individuals & businesses to create experiences that match the best." -Toshendra Sharma, Founder & CEO, NFTICALLY (COMEARTH)
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